Search&Change supports and seeks talent, and we also find candidates with broad experience for executive roles. They are achievers through and through, talent that in varying circumstances always has an impact. We work across a number of sectors, and recruit people with different backgrounds and profiles. Search&Change works for international organisations. You can see a summary of our current vacancies here.

Performance interview

Search&Change finds out what you’re all about. We make you aware of the qualities and working environment that will allow you to excel. Unlike other agencies, we look at your personal achievements. We are convinced that this is crucially important to your career, your performance and your job satisfaction. As talent agents, we look at the results that make it clear where you have made a difference, what you are unique at, and thus how you can deliver the best added value. Now and in the future. To deliver this, we are constantly looking for achieving environments. We find this match in organisations that are growing strongly or are innovating, and so are looking for people who can make the difference during this phase.

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