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CFO Scouting

CFO Scouting

For the achievers

Are you a financial achiever with CFO ambition? You may benefit from our experience as talent agent in finance. Search & Change can offer a talent program focused on strategic career development. Read more

CFO Search

Find the best talents

Search & Change recruits CFOs and other positions at financial management level. We work with highly talented and experienced candidates. Achievers par excellence, who will continuously raise their impact on your organisation. Read more

Interim CFO

Boost your business

An interim CFO assures financial health and optimal risk management for your company in transition, and boosts your company’s (new) strategic plans. Search & Change has a wide network of experienced CFO’s that thrive in these dynamic circumstances. Read more

Filled Positions

We accelerate companies with CFO's and executive financial experts

Talent agent

for various businesses

Search & Change recruits, mediates and scouts talented financials, for (interim) CFO and executive positions. These achievers continually increase their impact in challenging circumstances. Search & Change also recruits achievers in data analytics. We are the talent agent for SMEs, family businesses, scale-ups and PE-owned companies in various industries.

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