CFO Scouting

For the achievers

Are you a financial achiever with CFO ambition? You may benefit from our experience as talent agent in finance.

Strategic career development

If we see potential after an online introductory meeting, Search & Change can offer a talent program focused on strategic career development. That process goes as follows:

  • Search & Change contacts 2 to 3 references for a thorough impression of your talents and achievements.
  • In an online assessment we analyse your capabilities and competencies, and the type of working environment you will be most successful in.
  • During a personal interview Search & Change discusses the results of the references interviews, the assessment, areas for improvement in your current CV, effective networking strategies and conversation techniques during job interviews.

CFO scouting for achievers can lead to Open Introductions: Search & Change approaches a number of companies for an exploratory introduction.

Filled Positions

We accelerate companies with CFO's and executive financial experts