CFO Search

Find the best talents

Search & Change searches and recruits CFOs and other positions at financial management level. We work with highly talented candidates who have extensive experience. Achievers par excellence, who continuously increase their impact while in high demanding circumstances.

For your business

We perform executive search for SMEs, family businesses, scale-ups and PE companies from various industries. We recruit achievers for senior management and director positions. We also do this for positions in data analytics. And for supervisory roles (audit chairman).

Effective network, thorough analysis

More than 20 years of experience

Search & Change has an effective network of talented professionals in finance (and data analytics), thanks to more than 20 years of experience. We maintain lasting relationships with candidates and have knowledge of each individual’s talents and current career wishes. Therefore, we arrive at a high-quality shortlist for each CFO search.

Extensive knowledge of finance

Search & Change has a firm background in finance. This guarantees a deep understanding of the job content of financial roles and the required knowledge and experience. And assures we recruit the best CFO for your organisation.

Filled Positions

We accelerate companies with CFO's and executive financial experts