About Search&Change

We recruit Achievers who are known to want to make the difference, individuals of whom others experience impact for many years. Through finding the right fit between you and your work environment we support you in being more effective in your current job, or we help you to search for a position in which you can deliver even more value. The outcome? More satisfaction in your job and an increase in your personal effectivity.

The consultants at Search&Change intermediate in the discipline in which they have work experience themselves. They understand the language and the issues that you face. Our specialties are:

  • General Management
  • Finance & Data Analytics
  • HR
  • Project Management and Consultancy

Managing consultant

Geert-Jan Joosten

Geert-Jan Joosten (1972) is partner at Search&Change. Geert-Jan is trained as structural engineer, business economist and certified controller. Geert-Jan is a challenger, he likes to make an impact by making people aware of their qualities and talents, so that they can further develop and make a difference. He is sharp, with a no-nonsense attitude, and values relationships. In his career as a headhunter and managing partner with an Executive Search agency and as a financial expert and interim manager, Geert-Jan has gained unparalleled experience in developing and identifying talent and creating impact for organisations. He has worked for Takenaka in Japan, at BAM, worked closely with Ahold, Bol.com, Unilever, Shell, Friesland Campina, G-Star, Red Bull and Jumbo as a headhunter, and delivers training courses. Geert-Jan is married with Everieke, together they have 5 children, of whom two twins.