Recruiting successful colleagues: a good interview is essential.

6 Nov 2017
Geert-Jan Joosten

As a candidate, you have experience with job interviews. In your current job you are involved in hiring new colleagues. The hiring of the right candidate is one of the biggest success factors for achieving results within companies. For candidates, it is also important to choose the right company: an environment where you can be successful. Among successes we mean e.g.: making impact and internal promotions, grow within the company and learn. A proper match between a candidate and work environment leads to such results, hence it is important to keep a good interview during the selection phase. In this blog, I will briefly highlight the main elements of an interview for the candidate and hiring manager.

An effective interview
What are the drivers behind success? We have seen that hiring managers spend a lot of time on the personality, experience, expertise and competencies of the candidate during the interview. The best interviewers also ask for the achievements that a candidate has made in a specific role and working environment. Successful candidates, however, are not always aware of their own impact they are making and are sometimes far too modest about their achievements. Predictability of candidates’ success increases as hiring managers portray what a candidate needs to be successful in his or her role or work environment. How is it possible to find out if a potential candidate becomes a successful colleague within a few hours? Would you like to know: I would like to invite you to our workshop interviewing.

Workshop interview
On November 23, Search & Change will host a workshop for hiring managers and candidates who want to improve their interview skills. During this session you will get the handles that you need to keep a recruitment and selective interview. Of course we will go deeper into the topics mentioned above. If you are interested, please contact me at / 0634850233, there are still a select number of places available.