Executive search

Search&Change supports and seeks talent, and we also find candidates with broad experience in their work field for executive roles. They are Achievers through and through, talent that in varying circumstances always has an impact. We work across a number of sectors, and recruit people for senior management levels and management board positions. Besides, we focus on candidates in Finance, Data & Analytics, HR, project management and consultancy.

Open introduction

By our way of working, we have established a network of young professionals with backgrounds in Finance, Data & Analytics, HR, project management and consultancy. We name these our talent pools. Together with the Achievers in these talent pools we search for an interesting next step. We introduce them in our network through Open Introduction. Would you like to be a part of our network and find out what your potential is, please contact us.

Interim Management

Search&Change also mediates interim managers who are fulfilling temporary key positions in organizations. We have an extensive network facilitated through our talent pools, which enables us to work fast and make the right match between client and professional. We remain actively involved during the course of the assignment.

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