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Financial achievers distinguish themselves from others, often even in the first years of their career. They stand out for their ability to perform increasingly complex analyses, their creatively developing judgment and their (suggestions for) concrete actions that improve the bottom line results. As a result, achievers continuously increase their impact on the organisation.

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In addition, financial achievers tend to explore their environment continuously, to find their optimal niche and excel: in finance, business processes, collaboration and support with(in) teams and stakeholders. Achievers have indept knowledge in business drivers and market development but their curiousity extends far beyond finance. This, combined with solid communication skills, an autonomous mind and highly developed integrity, often makes the achiever the financial conscience of the management and the trusted advisor for the rest of the organisation.

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Achievers can be of any age, and differ enormously in terms of background and education. They feel at home in varied, but generally entrepreneurial environments, that can range from big international listed companies to small start-ups, as long as these promise growth, scope, responsibility and innovation. But what all financial achievers have in common is their outstanding achievements in organisations.

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