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“Truly top-notch in recruiting financial talent”

Jurriaan Pouw – CFO Hema

“I’ve known Geert-Jan for over 10 years. His background in finance gives him a keen understanding of effective financial functions. He actively engages in discussions about optimizing departmental structures and has a remarkable ability to identify and leverage individual talents. Professionally, he provides insightful advice on next career steps. As CFO of HEMA, I’ve successfully recruited highly talented financial professionals under his guidance. Truly top-notch!”

“Effective partner in executive recruitment”

Michel van den Bogaard – Group CFO Signicat

“I have known Geert-Jan since 2007 and I witnessed the positive impact of his placements both as a candidate and a client. Search & Change has meticulously built a robust network of candidates who possess the requisite skills and the determination to excel as CFOs. Geert-Jan’s expertise in recognizing and nurturing financial talent is commendable. His commitment to excellence and extensive knowledge make him a reliable and effective partner in the dynamic realm of executive recruitment.”

“Excellent understanding of skills and motivation”

Ewout van der Heijden – Finance director Red bull The Netherlands

“Geert-Jan was highly successful at introducing me to my current employer in the FMCG sector, even though I had previously been working in a completely different industry. Far from an obvious match. This demonstrates excellent understanding of an individual’s skills and motivation, a good grasp of a particular corporate culture, and non-conventional thinking.”

“Perceptive and insightful professional”

Marinke Phaff – CFO/COO Fonq

“Geert-Jan possesses a genuine interest in people. He is a perceptive and insightful professional. Geert-Jan aims to understand who you are and what you need, thereby fostering personal growth and self-awareness. Through challenging questions, he aids you in better understanding yourself, and your role and fit within a company. Geert-Jan has guided me in the right direction several times, by challenging my self-perception and ambitions.”

“Committed to excellence & long-term succes”

Stephan de Barse – Chief Revenue Officer o9 Solutions

“Geert-Jan’s approach to recruitment extends beyond the mere placement of candidates: he is genuinely motivated by long-term success. His commitment to excellence, his long-term vision, and his ability to identify top-tier talent make him an invaluable asset in Executive Search. What sets Search & Change apart is Geert-Jan’s commitment to quality: he selectively places A-players. Those Geert-Jan places, are skilled and aligned with the culture and needs of the hiring organization.”

“Really knows candidate’s strengths and ambitions”

Jurgen Sandmann – CFO Royal Sanders

“I can highly recommend Geert-Jan as a candidate as well as a client. Geert-Jan’s most distinguishing feature is that he knows candidates really well, has followed their careers for a long time and therefore really knows what someone’s strengths and ambitions are. In my experience, this is why the chance of success of a placement is higher with Geert-Jan than with other headhunters. Since my placement in an FD role, Geert-Jan remained involved in important career choices. Also, he did multiple searches for my teams while I was his client as CFO.”

“Contributes to understanding your own drives. Essential for your next step.”

Ilse De Graaff – Finance Director RItuals

“Geert-Jan is sincerely interested in people, and wants to fully understand what drives them. By asking the right questions he contributes to a better understanding of your own drives. This is essential in making the right steps on your career path. Geert-Jan coached me and placed me in my role as finance director at Rituals. Also, he did a great job in helping to build my finance team.”

“The best people were presented by Search & Change”

Jan Boon – Algemeen directeur BMN Nederland

“You rarely see someone with as much human knowledge as Geert-Jan. The best people I have had the pleasure of greeting as colleagues were presented to me by Search & Change.”

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